ADHD Assessment

This article from Psychology Today is over a year old, but a great resource for anyone wondering if ADHD is over diagnosed, under diagnosed, and likewise, over or under medicated:…/adult-adhd-overdiagnosed-…

Symptoms of ADHD can exist independently, and sometimes they coincide with other issues. Alternatively, other symptoms may look like ADHD but in fact are the result of a different underlying issue (for example, anxiety, stress, depression). Therefore, testing for ADHD is comprehensive and often includes a clinical interview, collateral interviews with parents and teachers, record review (if possible), behavior rating scales, measurement of intelligence, objective measurement of attention and impulsivity, and other psycho/emotional rating scales.

In other words, there are several other issues that need to be ruled out, and testing usually takes anywhere from 4-7 hours. Psychologists do not simply run down a symptom checklist to determine if an individual meets criteria. There are many other factors possibly at play and these must be fully explored.

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