Managing problem behavior

Dr. Alan Kazdin is one of the leading experts in the field of child behaviorism. His methods are widely recognized by the scientific community and clinicians alike; in other words, his method is evidence-based. Dr Kazdin utilizes an approach that is authoritative, yet gentle. He helps parents to encourage behaviors they want to see more of (i.e., positive behaviors), while de-emphasizing problematic behaviors. This method, also called differential reinforcement, requires parents to abandon punitive attitudes towards behaviors, and instead, think about the behaviors we want to reinforce.

He states:

“The best way to eliminate an unwanted behavior is to build a strong alternative behavior in its place, what’s called the positive opposite of the unwanted behavior.  The Kazdin Method® provides step-by-step instruction in how to do this under almost any conditions.  If your child has horrible tantrums or just mildly intolerable ones, if your child does not do homework, or does not listen, to take three common examples, the method gives you a reliable and research-proven set of moves you can make to address the problem in the home, or wherever it occurs.  The method guides you in defining the behavior you want and then creating opportunities for your child to repeatedly practice it–working up to it by increasingly closer steps, if necessary.  And the method shows you exactly how to reinforce good behavior with good consequences without throwing rewards at your child.”

Dr. Kazdin’s book is one that I frequently recommend with parents.

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