Attorney Case Consultation

The use of psychological consultants is increasingly recognized as a critical component of a successful legal strategy in cases involving mental health issues. Dr. Lawing’s ability to translate complex psychological concepts into plain language provides a significant advantage in achieving a desired legal outcome. Of note, when Dr. Lawing takes on the role of a consultant, she cannot simultaneously be asked to provide psychological evaluation of any party involved in the legal matter, as that would constitute a dual relationship.

Dr. Lawing can serve in a variety of consultant roles to attorneys and legal teams:

  • Litigation Consultant - Assisting the attorney in preparing for cross-examination strategies, case analysis and development, as well as staying privileged in a case to provide consultation for the attorney alone.

  • Testimony on General Information - Dr. Lawing can testify in court as it relates to the case and provide general advice, guidance, and information to the judge/jury. As a mental health consultant, I provide litigants and other professionals generic education about various psychologically based topics.

  • Record Review Services - Dr. Lawing offers a critical review of mental health records in order to uncover subtle information that often goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. After this review, she can assist the legal team in developing a strategy to best utilize the information contained in the records. Dr. Lawing can also review the reliability of the collateral source from which information was obtained and review effectiveness with which findings.

  • Review of Previous Psychological Findings - Review of forensic evaluation reports prepared by other evaluators regarding evaluation methodology, adherence to generally accepted guidelines, practice parameters, and standards regarding forensic assessment, selection of assessment instruments, interpretive accuracy of psychological test data, and the degree to which offered opinions are or are not supported by relevant research and the data gathered in the forensic evaluation.