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“A person is a fluid process, not a fixed and static entity; a flowing river of change, not a block of solid material; a continually changing constellation of potentialities, not a fixed quantity of traits.”
Carl R. Rogers, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy can be invaluable in helping individuals live healthier and happier lives. There are several reasons why a person may seek out therapy, however, the underlying goal of therapy is to effect positive change in a person’s behaviors, emotions, and/or thoughts. Psychotherapy requires active participation by both the therapist and the client. 

Dr. Lawing provides individual therapy. She primarily utilizes cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques to help clients develop more productive and healthier ways of thinking and behaving. She conducts psychotherapy for a broad range of individuals, including older children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Lawing has provided services in correctional, outpatient clinic, and private practice settings. She has worked with individuals experiencing a wide variety of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, issues with gender or sexuality, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, childhood behavioral issues, family conflict, grief, and trauma.

Dr. Lawing helps clients stop or reduce unwanted behaviors and/or negative thoughts by addressing intellectual, behavioral, somatic, and relational issues. Dr. Lawing’s holistic approach allows for deeper healing within a heartfelt and fully engaged therapeutic relationship.

As Dr. Lawing works with her clients in therapy, she strives to be inclusive of sexuality as well as being affirming of the broad range of gender identities and expressions with which clients identify.

Dr. Lawing is an in-network provider with the following insurance companies:

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  • UnitedHealth Care

Dr. Lawing will begin offering Walk and Talk therapy sessions in Fall 2019. Sessions will take place in a discrete location in City Park. Walk and Talk therapy will only be available on Fridays, weather permitting. Please inquire with Dr. Lawing for more details regarding Walk and Talk therapy.